Hey there!

A month has gone by and we’re getting close to launching a testing instance on a soon-to-be opened climbing gym. While it is technically not open yet, many climbers already know about it and go there, which gives us a great way of testing Climbuddy before an official launch.

Most of the work is currently being spent on finishing the initial implementation of the core functionality and we’re about 70% there, with the hold & route detection being the main obstacles. There are also some bugs in the open source libraries we’re using for 3D reconstruction which need to be ironed out before running unsupervised, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Screenshot of the Climbuddy UI for February 2024.
The current Climbuddy UI (very much subject to change 🙂).

We’re also in the process of applying for the EXIST-Gründungsstipendium, which would secure funding for developing Climbuddy and would relieve a lot of the pressure we have with regards to a launch.

Stay tuned for updates!

Team Climbuddy